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The Resurrection Of Christ

By Dwight L. Moody

After reading the account of the resurrection of Christ found in the sixteenth chapter of the Gospel by St. Mark, Mr. Moody said:

A good many people seem to think that Christ’s resurrection was only a spiritual matter, and that His body laid in the grave and became food for worms, just like any other dead body. But the Gospels are very full and plain on this point. Not less than forty-two times is this blessed doctrine spoken of by Christ Himself before His death, as well as by His disciples afterward. In Matthew 16:21, we find, “From that …

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The Sin We Are Not Afraid To Commit

By Dr. Bruce W. Dunn

There are multitudes of sins from which we would flee as we would flee from Satan himself: those more obvious and crude, with which any true believer will have no part. Unfortunately, there are other kinds of sins that seem not quite as recognizable, which are in some ways more destructive and dishonoring to Jesus Christ than some of the so-called sins that are easily recognized.

The sin that we are talking about just now is that sin of fretful anxiety, of untrusting care: the sin that we are not afraid to commit. And we have the mistaken notion that …

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