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Information about the birth of Jesus Christ.


But Why The Shepherds?

People have a hard time trusting Jesus because they are unwilling to become nothing.

Sermon Series

Christmas 1977

In these two sermons, Pastor Wiersbe looks at two questions may Christians (and even non-Christians) have: Why was the announcement of the long-awaited Messiah given to the lowly outcast shepherds? And why was the tiny village of Bethlehem chosen when the Son of God could have been born anywhere in …



Jesus was born to destroy the works of the devil.



The more we know about God, the better we can love.

Sermon Series

What Christmas Promises

When Jesus was born, He brought life, forgiveness, victory, and love into the world. He wants to give us each of these gifts, but it requires that we believe in Him and His finished work on the cross. Have you received these great gifts?



The promise of Christmas is life—joyful, eternal, full life through Jesus Christ.

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