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The Fall of Jericho poster

The Fall of Jericho

By Dr. Harry A. Ironside
Wanted: A Shepherd poster

Wanted: A Shepherd

By Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe
Characteristics of the Last Days poster

Characteristics of the Last Days

By Dr. Harry A. Ironside
1920-04-21 The Lords Call.jpg

The Lord's Call

By Rev. Paul Rader

The Lord called Samuel.” It is easy to understand that this was not a voice which others could hear or Eli could have heard it. The voice was very clear indeed to Samuel; Samuel was sure that some one had called him. This Scripture should show us that while others may be used of the Lord in clearing up our call and proving to us that it is the Lord and not man that is calling, yet the call must be heard by the one called and by him alone.

How foolish we are when we expect others to understand …

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1950-08 Led Air Raid.jpg

I Led the Air Raid on Pearl Harbor

By Mitsuo Fuchida

The Christian Testimony of the Japanese Commander who led the Air Armada of 360 planes that bombed our Fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

I am Mitsuo Fuchida. As chief commander of the whole air squadron, I participated in the air-raid on Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1941 (Japan time), which actually opened up the Pacific war.

On that very morning, seating myself in the first plane, I led the whole squadron of 360 planes into Pearl Harbor, and having ascertained that the main force of the American Pacific Fleet, comprised of eight warships, was at anchor …

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Sankey Gospel.jpg

Ira Sankey: The Gospel in Song

By Eric J. Fellman

I’m afraid that boy will never amount to anything,” an anguished David Sankey exclaimed. “All he does is run about the country with a hymnbook under his arm!”

Born in Edinburg, Pa., in 1840, Ira Sankey was expected to follow in the footsteps of his father, a Pennsylvania state senator. Instead, he would become the singing partner to international evangelist Dwight L. Moody.

When Ira was a boy, a neighboring farmer took him to Sunday school. Later, his own family began to attend King’s Chapel in Western Reserve Harbor. When he was 16, a revival speaker came to …

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1925-11 Ira D Sankey.jpg

Ira D. Sankey As I Knew Him

By George C. Stebbins

Ira D. Sankey, the great evangel of song of the latter part of the nineteenth century, was born in the village of Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, August 28, 1840. When he was seventeen years of age his father, the Hon. David Sankey, moved with his family to Newcastle, Pennsylvania, where he became prominent in the activities of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Ira had a godly heritage which led him early in life to take an interest in religion, and in after years to become engaged in various forms of Christian work.

At the outbreak of the Civil War Mr. Sankey responded to …

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1925-03 Builders of TMC.jpg

Builders of The Moody Memorial Church

By Anonymous

Mr. John R. Fugard
Architect of the D.L. Moody Memorial Church and Sunday School Buildings

Before the Church Executive Committee engaged the firm of Fugard and Knapp as architects for the new church and Sunday School buildings it had been ascertained on careful inquiry that they ranked among the best architects in Chicago, having designed many notable structures, some in collaboration with leading New York firms. To their credit are the great Allerton and Belmont hotels on the Lake Shore Drive, the massive 19-story apartment building at No. 20 Cedar Street, four twelve and fourteen story apartment buildings, two …

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1925-03 How the Architects.jpg

How the Architects Conceived the Moody Memorial Church Building

By John R. Fugard

It is frequently difficult for the laymen (or even the artist for that matter) to understand the relation between a work of art and himself. Failing to understand this, his means of judging it are limited to its effect in pleasing him and such knowledge as he has of the opinions of others supposed more qualified to judge.

In the case of architecture, this difficulty is easily removed if we remember that the purpose of architecture in all cases is to form a harmonious and fitting setting for the life for which it acts as a shelter or background.

The …

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1925 - 11 TMC a Reality.jpg

The Moody Memorial Church—A Reality

By Anonymous

For many months the members of The Moody Church congregation have been looking forward with eagerness to the day on which the doors of the Moody Memorial Church [building name] should be swung open and the splendid future home should be dedicated to the God who gave it.

As this issue of The Moody Church News goes to press that day, so long anticipated, has come and gone. The months preceding it were filled with severe testings; yet under the good hand of God mountains of difficulty have been scaled and now, looking back over a rough road, boundless joy …

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2015-V16N1 Pastor Lutzer.jpg

Pastor Lutzer Poised to Assume Wider Media Role

By Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Pastor Lutzer Explains His New Media Role and Opportunities Ahead

My wife, Rebecca, and I have always prayed that God would lead us in His will, and He has been faithful in giving us clear direction throughout our lives. This has been especially true in the past few months as we have been challenged to step into a new role that will enable me to give more attention to our growing Media Ministry. I look forward to devoting more time to you, our faithful listeners.

During the past few months I have been greatly encouraged by the impact of Running …

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1948-04 When Sun Stood Still.jpg

When the Sun Stood Still

By Dr. Harry A. Ironside

The evil effects of the unhappy alliance with the men of Gibeon soon began to be manifested. When the nations of the contiguous territories learned what had taken place, they formed a confederation, headed by Adonizedek, king of Jerusalem, and set out to attack Gibeon, as a warning to the people of other districts, not to make peace with Israel. This at once led the Gibeonites to call for help from their new allies, and in order to redeem their pledges it became necessary for Joshua to lead the host of the Lord up from Gilgal to attack the confederated …

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1949-09 Echoes Resurrection.jpg

Echoes of the Resurrection

By Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon

He is not here, but is risen.”—Luke 24:6

Nowhere do the rays of divine light shine with greater reflective glory than upon the resurrection message. It is inimitable, incontrovertible, incomparable and absolutely indispensable to the faith “once delivered to the saints.” It healed a baffled guard, hallowed a borrowed grave and heralded a blessed gospel of grace.

No greater proof of the immutability of God’s eternal purpose is obtainable than that which inheres in the fact of Christ’s resurrection. The skeptic denies it, the agnostic ignores it, the atheist rejects it—yet it stands as the …

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