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Teachings about the life and writings of King David.

Growing Through Conflict Cover


Growing Through Conflict

Everyone struggles with problems that seem too big to handle. But conflicts are really opportunities for us to learn how to rely more faithfully on God. In Growing Through Conflict … See More >

The Family Of Jesus Cover

CD Series

The Family Of Jesus

The Bible clearly teaches the deity of Christ, but it also teaches His humanity. In these messages we are reminded of His humble origin, His relationship to His parents, and … See More >


Considering The Poor

We have already noticed that the book of Psalms is really divided into five separate books. We come now to consider the last of this particular collection. We noticed that the first book of the Psalms is linked very intimately with the first book of the Pentateuch. It has to do with God as the Creator and Upholder of all things and as the Deliverer of His people, as the One who took us up in His electing love and having made us His own undertakes to carry us on in spite of all circumstances until at last we behold … Read More >

Growing Through Conflict Cover

CD Series

Growing Through Conflict

Conflict is often thought of as being only negative. However, it can actually be the environment where God’s faithfulness is demonstrated to us. In this series, Dr. Lutzer shares … See More >

When God Shows Himself Cover

CD Series

When God Shows Himself

The book of Psalms might well be called “God’s Cure For The Human Heart.” In these messages, God communicates both grace and help for our specific needs. In each … See More >

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