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Information on how to be broken before God and what He does to help us through our brokenness.


The Lie

How The Greatest Lie Has Become Our Most Cherished Truth The lie will find you; it will come to you in our culture’s views of sexuality, psychology, education, entertainment, politics, and alas, even in the teaching of some churches. The question is: Will you believe it, or expose it for the hoax it is? This is a lie we long to believe; it is a lie that we’ll skillfully adapt in a vain effort to meet our needs and enhance our egos. This lie is our greatest temptation and our culture’s most prized possession. This worldwide lie is not going … Read More >

Blog Post

Are You Praying For Revival?

If So, What Are You Praying For? I often meet believers who say, “We’re praying for revival!” But I wonder, “What exactly are they praying for?” Are they praying that God will clean up America’s deficient morality so we will no longer have to face the headwinds of a hostile culture? I think many of us think it would be wonderful if we could settle back to our former American way of life, which by and large, accepted our Christian values. Such people—bless them—might not know that revival doesn’t make life easier; the obedience it demands is often painful, gut-wrenching, … Read More >

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