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Resources About Anxiety and Fear


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Information on dealing with fear, anxiety, worry, stress and other related emotions.


Dealing With Anxiety

Living with Anxiety and Winning Someone has said that people live their lives “crucified between two thieves—the regrets of yesterday and the anxieties of tomorrow.” The word worry means ‘to be torn in two.’ And that is exactly what anxiety does—it tears us apart. Our bodies might obediently go in one direction, but our minds are somewhere else. The result is that we live with tension; we cannot sleep and we cannot enjoy the present moment. Worry causes us to work against ourselves and hinders our fellowship with God. Don’t you wish that you could worry say, from … Read More >


A Heavenly Heart

You can’t let your heart be troubled without your permission. Keep a heavenly heart in order to turn off anxiety.

Ask Pastor Lutzer


I’m overwhelmed with fearful thoughts.

I know God is my only hope, but I can’t get free from chains of …


Nancy, you’re doing the right thing by continuing to hope in God.

And the fact that you recognize your stumbling …

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Conquering The Fear Of Failure Cover


Conquering The Fear Of Failure

If the fear of failure afflicts you, you will experience it as persistent, painful, and paralyzing. And you will know firsthand that fear of failure erodes faith, deflates courage, and … See More >

Restoring The Soul Cover

CD Series

Restoring The Soul

These messages speak directly to the hurts and needs of those whose souls have been defiled, either because of personal choices or because of the misdeeds of others. Here is … See More >


While Walking on Water, I Sank

Often, in the midst of the will of God, at the very moment that we’re in obedience to Christ, the greatest storms of life encompass us.


A Peaceful Heart

During His last night on Earth, when betrayal, denial, and crucifixion were looming over Him, Jesus said, “My peace I give you.”

Ask Pastor Lutzer


If God planned it all, why should we worry?


That’s an excellent question and we’ve all been troubled by that, haven’t we? If it’s all on God’s shoulders, why …

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