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Sermon Series

Sermon On The Mount

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most famous teachings in the Bible. Pastor Wiersbe walks us through Jesus’ lessons one at a time in order to explain what true Christian character looks like. As we dive into each blessing, we find many truths that can be applied to our lives.


Sermon 02

Takes More Than Religion

July 10, 1977

The difference between external and internal righteousness is Jesus Christ.

Sermon 04

The Price Of Purity

July 24, 1977

Sex is not a toy to play with; sex is a tool to build with.

Sermon 08

You Don't Have To Worry

August 21, 1977

Worry is a thief, caused by worldliness, and Jesus has the cure.

Sermon 09

Does The Golden Rule Really Work?

August 28, 1977

The Golden Rule is a daring adventure for Christians who are willing to take the risks involved in relationships, love, and truth.

Sermon 10

Passing God's Final Exam

September 4, 1977

To stand means to do the will of God no matter what is thrown at us.

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