Fighting For Your Family

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Sermon Series Description

Today's families need direction, hope, and encouragement. This series is intended to counter enemies of the home, such as the conflict of roles, addictions, entertainment, and more. Best of all, it includes encouragement on how to pray for our children and how to prevent divorce. God desires to help us take courageous, decisive action so that we can more readily refuse to believe the lie that there is no hope for our marriages and our families. In short, these messages are intended to improve good marriages, repair bad marriages, and foster healthy families.

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Poster for Rebuilding The Foundations

Rebuilding The Foundations

Genesis displays God’s original design for the family.  And God provides grace through Jesus Christ for our families which inevitably fall short.

Poster for Dads In Charge

Dads In Charge

Fathers, will you lead your families into greater spiritual growth?

Poster for Healing From Abuse

Healing From Abuse

The consequences of remaining silent are always greater than the consequences of revealing the truth.