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Information on why community—fellowship with other believers—is important, and how to develop strong communities.

Living As God's Community Cover

CD Series

Living As God's Community

These messages stress that we do not simply “subscribe to Christianity,” as if it is just one more thing added to our lives. To the contrary, we are called … See More >

I Believe In The Church Cover

CD Series

I Believe In The Church

Although these sermons were originally intended for the congregation of The Moody Church, they have wider application to the whole body of Christ. These messages stress the need for commitment … See More >


The Gift Of Service

God doesn’t raise up churches unless He raises up people to help them function.


Unwrap Your Spiritual Gift

Do you leave church asking, “Was I blessed by being here?” or “Was God glorified by my being here?”

Pastor To Pastor  Cover


Pastor To Pastor

The role of the pastor is often complicated by problematic issues that must be handled gracefully, effectively, and sometimes publicly. Well-known pastor and conference speaker Erwin Lutzer offers practical advice … See More >

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