Christians In Conflict

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Confident Living in a Pluralistic World

Wherever we look, conflict exists.  Whether it is in our nation, our churches, or our interpersonal relationships, these messages are not only designed to help us resolve conflict but also to encourage us.  We can thrive in the tension that exists between what we believe and what others think.  Pastor Lutzer divulges a practical understanding of why conflict exists and shows us how to approach it without compromising our faith.

Poster for When Beliefs Collide

When Beliefs Collide

Though we often disagree, God has united His imperfect people through His Spirit.

Poster for When Personalities Collide

When Personalities Collide

The power of blessing, humility and faith can overcome the bitterness and anger in our relationships.

Poster for When Loyalties Collide

When Loyalties Collide

Though citizens of heaven and residents of earth, our ultimate allegiance is owed to God.