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Information on deception: deceiving others, deceiving ourselves and deceiving God.


Deceived And Loving It

Self-deception: taking what God has said and redefining it so that we can live out the sinful desires of our hearts.

Sermon Series

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Why do good people often act in such selfish, destructive, and evil ways? This series helps us face the truth about ourselves and then introduces us to the marvelous grace and mercy of God. Here we see our self-deceptions, our unwillingness to see our selfishness, and our uncanny ability to …


A Discerning Heart

Judas gave us a glimpse of human nature without restraints, without the intervention of God’s grace, and without repentance.


Lies We Love, Lies That Hurt

There’s room for failure in the Christian life. There’s no room for the notion that failure has to be the pattern of your life.


Brothers At War

God can use people whose lives aren’t as upright as they should be.

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