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How do we see ourselves? Do we see ourselves as God sees us? Information on how self-perception can be distorted and the ways it can affect relationships.

No Place To Cry Cover


No Place To Cry

In this powerful sequel to Dorie: The Girl Nobody Loved, Doris Van Stone addresses the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Her experiences will give you insight into this … See More >

Ask Pastor Lutzer


My husband and I have been married for 30 years. It’s been tumultuous at best, and started with the fact …


Janice, first of all let me say that my heart certainly goes out to you. You know it’s a reminder …

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Sermon Series

Guard Your Heart

The explosion of technology has come with a host of challenges for both parents and children. Addictions to video games, pornography, and yes, even social media are becoming common in our homes.      How do we guard our hearts in a culture filled with seductive images available on …

Blog Post

Why Did God Make Me Disabled, Different, and Despondent?

Her name is Kourtney. I will tell her story in a moment. First, however, I’d like to explain some theological matters about God’s relationship to those who are born with a disability or with limited giftedness and a perceived lack of physical beauty. What is God’s involvement, if any, in the way each of us was formed, our appearance, or who we would strive to become? Many theologians seek to absolve God of all responsibility for the “mistakes of nature” by posing the argument that because of sin, nature is fallen. Therefore, God has a “hands off policy” about many … Read More >

Seven Snares Of The Enemy Cover

CD Series

Seven Snares Of The Enemy

Many people struggle with secrets that destroy their souls. These messages not only diagnose the problem but also give a prescription for those who seek hope and healing. Here is … See More >

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