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Information about the biblical canon and how it was formed.

Sermon Series

Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible

Since the Bible is a book bearing the marks of both human and divine authorship, it has fascinated readers for centuries. Are there good reasons to accept it as a revelation from God? In these messages, Pastor Lutzer gives reasons for the Bible’s trustworthiness. In addition to showing the logical …


Dealing With The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code’s Other Bible “We are presenting these texts as sacred books and sacred scriptures of the Gnostics.” These words are found in the Introduction of The Gnostic Bible, a collection of documents which some believe give an alternate interpretation of the early days of Christianity. These writings lie at the heart of The Da Vinci Code and other kinds of esoteric literature which insist that originally Christianity was diverse, with no strict doctrines such as we find in the New Testament. In fact, according to this scenario, what we now call heresy was originally the teaching … Read More >

Ask Pastor Lutzer


I know that you believe that the original words of the Bible are inspired. But where’s God’s Word today?

There …


Well, Tim, I want to thank you for your email because obviously you’re doing some thinking. Yes, there are no …

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Addressing The Da Vinci Code Cover

CD Series

Addressing The Da Vinci Code

The hype about The Da Vinci Code novel is over, but sadly, these erroneous theories about Jesus Christ are now being taught in many of our universities and colleges. These … See More >


Sharper Than Any Two-Edged Sword

Beyond The Da Vinci Code Don’t think for a moment that The Da Vinci Code is just a fad whose effects have disappeared from our cultural radar. Just as the Tsunami moved off the headlines but the people continue to live with the damage, so the teachings of The Da Vinci Code continue to impact our society. In fact, I predict that the real battle for the heart and soul of Christianity is not behind us, but still lies in our future. There is a bitter war heating up against the Bible and we had better be prepared to answer … Read More >

Ask Pastor Lutzer


Is it true that the Apocrypha was never part of the Jewish canon in Palestine?


You are right. It was never a part of the Jewish canon.

It’s important to realize that when Jesus was …

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The Doctrines That Divide Cover


The Doctrines That Divide

Doctrine is a vital part of the Christian faith, but certain doctrinal beliefs have divided the church for centuries. Well-known pastor and author Erwin Lutzer examines various theological disagreements that … See More >

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