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Information on how to pray, why it’s important to pray, and how to improve our fellowship with God through prayer.

Sermon Series

The Triumph Of Unanswered Prayer

If we ask why some Christians abandon the faith they once had, the reason is usually unanswered prayer. The bitter disappointment of knowing that God could heal a child or resolve a bitter dispute, yet He chooses not to do so, leave us wondering whether God actually cares. These messages …


Teach Us To Pray

The disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, teach us to pray.” It is significant that they did not ask for instruction about preaching or even soul-winning; but they did ask Him to teach them to pray. Why? Because they saw what prayer meant in the Lord’s life, and they recognized their own needs. Our living is only as good as our praying. No Christian rises higher than his prayer life. No matter what problems we face, if we know how to pray, then God has the solution. All the great saints of God in the Bible, and in … Read More >

Sermon Series

You Can't Redo Life

The parables of Jesus are ordinary stories with extra-ordinary lessons that expose the superficiality of our faith and values. Jesus—with a penetrating understanding of human nature—shows us the foolishness of seeing life from our limited worldly perspective, and ignoring what God sees and values. These parables teach us how not …


Just Let God Lead

God’s will for our lives is usually quite clear through His Word. 

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