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Sermon Series

You Can't Redo Life

How the Parables Help Us Get it Right the First Time

Erwin W. Lutzer

The parables of Jesus are ordinary stories with extra-ordinary lessons that expose the superficiality of our faith and values. Jesus—with a penetrating understanding of human nature—shows us the foolishness of seeing life from our limited worldly perspective, and ignoring what God sees and values. These parables teach us how not to live for this life but the next.

These ten messages not only interpret the parables, but also help us to apply them to practical issues such as forgiveness, prayer, and making wise investments. We are challenged to live for the day when we will be called to account for how we lived on Earth. This is life-changing truth in walking shoes. 


Sermon 01

Getting Conversion Right

May 29, 2011

Within God’s word there is life that can speak to your soul and transform you.

Sermon 02

Getting Prayer Right

June 5, 2011

You can’t understand prayer until you properly understand God.

Sermon 03

Getting Forgiveness Right

June 12, 2011

You can choose to forgive and lay down all of your bitterness, resentment and hatred at the feet of Christ.

Sermon 04

Getting Parenting Right

June 19, 2011

There is more grace in the Father’s heart than there is sin in your past.

Sermon 06

Getting Spiritual Warfare Right

July 24, 2011

If your life isn’t being filled with the things of God, your ending may be worse than the beginning.

Sermon 07

Getting Faithfulness Right

July 31, 2011

The fact that we’re redeemed doesn’t mean that God will not review our lives. We will stand before Christ and He will ask what we did for the Gospel.

Sermon 08

Getting Evangelism Right

August 7, 2011

Have you shown hospitality to people who least expect to receive it?

Sermon 10

Getting Eternity Right

August 28, 2011

Money makes the same promises as God, but in the end, all the money in the world won’t help you.

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