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The Moody Church’s theological position concerning the uniqueness of Christ compared to the “gods” of other religions.

Ask Pastor Lutzer


I have questions about Mormonism, especially in light of Mitt Romney’s comment during the 2012 campaign, “I believe in Jesus …


Betty, you’re absolutely right. I hope everyone realizes that. When Mormons speak of Jesus Christ, they’re not talking about the …

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Do All Religions Lead To God?

Are the gods of Hinduism and Islam merely another expression of the Christian God? Does biblical Christianity advocate an overtly tolerant attitude toward other religions and faiths?  The Scriptures speak candidly concerning the gods of other religions. The Old Testament demonstrates a profound intolerance for false worship and for the gods of the nations (Exodus 20:1-6).  Even throughout the poetic writings, this demeanor does not change, with the psalmist calling the gods of the nations “idols” (Psalm 96:4-5).  The New Testament does not pacify this sentiment but intensifies the distinction between the God of the … Read More >