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Resources About Natural Disasters


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Is God behind natural disasters? Find out more about God’s role in the natural world.

Where Was God?  Cover


Where Was God?

Where was God when a deadly tsunami swept through the Indian Ocean killing nearly 250,000 people? And where was God when hurricanes crashed against the Gulf Coast leaving hundreds … See More >

What Is God Up To? Cover

CD Series

What Is God Up To?

At times, the world around us seems to be falling apart. Earthquakes, suffering, famine, and global tragedies raise questions in our mind. Is God really in control? Why does He … See More >


God And Natural Disasters

The question of why the tsunami happened is a geological question, not a theological question.” So said a Christian cleric when asked about the terrible disaster that has riveted our attention in recent weeks. Most of the Christians interviewed on television have tried to protect God’s reputation by putting distance between Him and the horrid suffering that we’ve seen so graphically. So, does God have ‘anything to do’ with natural disasters? We all agree that nature is fallen and as a result there are faults in the earth that cause earthquakes, and earthquakes cause tidal waves. So, the argument … Read More >

Where Was God? Cover

CD Series

Where Was God?

We can’t watch a television special on the 2004 Sumatran Tsunami or 2005’s Hurricane Katrina without asking these questions: “Does God have a role to play in what … See More >

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