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Resources About Same-Sex Marriage

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The biblical view on same-sex relationships, the current controversy over same-sex marriage, and the impact it will have on the church.


A Time For Prayer

The Supreme Court is limited in what it can do; it cannot usurp the throne of God.   


The Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage

While We Slept When four justices in a Massachusetts courtroom ruled that it was unconstitutional to bar homosexuals from marriage, they set in motion a series of dominoes that no one—not even the gays themselves—could have predicted. In courtrooms throughout different parts of the country, judges flaunted the law and ‘married’ jubilant homosexuals. Repeatedly, the media interviewed those who insisted that the ‘weddings’ were constitutional, other laws not withstanding. The reason that the Massachusetts decision to legalize same-sex marriages was so widely accepted, is that the judges spoke into a cultural climate that had already been conditioned to accept the … Read More >

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