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Resources About Judging and Judgment

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Information regarding our judgment of others.


Is Judging Ever Appropriate?

Judging bears a negative connotation among most of the population. When we think about the idea of judging, we conjure up images of heated theological arguments and memories of condescending comments. Also, we remember how “judging” has historically escalated to injustice, tragedy, and violence. But is all judging wrong or sinful?   We all judge. Some do more than others, but we all judge. If we know someone who routinely ignores stop signs, our courts would pass judgment. As believers, we repeatedly form and share judgments both small and large throughout each day. It’s a fact of life.  The … Read More >


Judging Miracles

The power of Christianity is not seen in physical miracles but rather in the good news of the Gospel. 


Judging Appearances

Character is more important than appearance. Modesty is more important than acceptance.


Judging Conduct

Christianity is not a matter of rules; it is a matter of relationship.


The Future Is Here

It is much better to be divided by the truth than to be united by error.


Judging Neo-Paganism

Satan will give us what we want as long as he eventually gets what he wants.

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