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1920-12-08 Entire Sanctification.jpg

Entire Sanctification

By Rev. James M. Gray, D.D.

This article has a history. Some time ago a western correspondent sent us an earnest letter urging his view of holiness, and putting certain questions to us to be answered. The letter was so frank and cordial as well as earnest that we fully intended to reply to it at length, and took it with us on a journey to prepare an answer. But somehow it became mislaid or was left behind on the train, and the circumstance dropped out of mind. Later the notes we had prepared in reply came to light, and we believe their publication will interest …

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1920-04-21 The Lords Call.jpg

The Lord's Call

By Rev. Paul Rader

The Lord called Samuel.” It is easy to understand that this was not a voice which others could hear or Eli could have heard it. The voice was very clear indeed to Samuel; Samuel was sure that some one had called him. This Scripture should show us that while others may be used of the Lord in clearing up our call and proving to us that it is the Lord and not man that is calling, yet the call must be heard by the one called and by him alone.

How foolish we are when we expect others to …

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1920-04-21 What Done Jesus Clothes.jpg

What Have You Done With Jesus' Clothes?

By Rev. Paul Rader

And when they had crucified him, they parted his garments, casting lots upon them, what every man should take.”—Mark 15:24

The Roman soldiers at the foot of the cross of Calvary, shook dice to see which was the lucky man to win the different garments of the crucified Christ. You must remember that God has garments, that God has clothed Himself as with a garment. To God the sun is a sparkling gem upon His finger, the stars are wonderful pearls about His neck, the Earth covered with its vegetation and water is but the garment that God …

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1920-02-18 Second Coming.jpg

The Second Coming: The Consummation Of The Incarnation

By Pastor A.C. Dixon, D.D.

The Scripture which suggests this theme you will find in Matthew 24:14: “This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come,” and then shall the consummation come, for the word there means “the climaxing of things,” heading up of things. The Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations, and then shall the consummation come, just as we read in the prophecies of the Old Testament.

We need in these days to …

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1920-02-04 Crisis Christian Life.jpg

The Crisis In The Christian Life

By Rev. Paul Rader

Judah was his sanctuary, and Israel his dominion.”—Psalm 114:2

I gather from this verse that God in a collective sense has His people, and then inside of His family, among those who are His own children, He has another special little group in which He peculiarly works, in which He peculiarly lives, in which He peculiarly shows His grace, His power and His blessing.

The whole Jewish race was God’s chosen people, and yet one of the twelve tribes of the Jews was particularly selected by God as his sanctuary, says our text. When God selected His king …

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1920-01-28 Shimei Stuff.jpg

Shimei Stuff

By Rev. Paul Rader

And the king sent and called for Shimei, and said unto him, Did I not make thee to swear by the Lord, and protested unto thee, saying, Know for a certain, on the day thou goest out, and walkest abroad any whither, that thou shalt surely die? and thou saidst unto me, The word that I have heard is good. Why then hast thou not kept the oath of the Lord, and the commandment that I have charged thee with?” —1 Kings 2: 42–43

We have in this chapter the setting forth of a kingdom like unto the kingdom …

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1920-01-14 King Shoes.jpg

The King's Shoes

By Rev. Paul Rader

And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.”—Ephesians 6:15

This chapter of Scripture tells us that we wrestle against principalities and powers, and whenever the Gospel is preached there are onslaughts from the devil. If I were to talk tonight about gasoline engines, men’s interest would be aroused, there would be no darkness in their minds at all, and they would be quick to comprehend my meaning. If I were giving a travel lecture on Alaska, describing it as the pictures were thrown upon the screen, there would be no veil over men’s minds …

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1920-01-07 Holy Boldness.jpg

Holy Boldness

By Rev. Paul Rader

(Helpful to Sunday School Lesson of January 18, 1920, Acts 4)

Then Peter, filled—” One of the marks of the fullness of the Holy Ghost is boldness. There is a vast difference between boldness and “brass;” there is a difference between courage and boldness. We speak of it as “holy boldness.” When we are clean, when sin is put away—confessed and washed in the precious blood—there comes a rich, racy, red-blooded feeling to the heart of the child of God that sensitizes every nerve and removes all feeling of shame. If there is any trust of ourselves this …

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1920-01-07 Come.jpg


By Rev. Paul Rader

We climb the mountain by stepping from rock to rock; but the soul makes its way in faith by stepping from one word of the Lord to another. Some think that Peter walked on the water, but if you will read the passage you will find Peter really stepped on the little word, “Come,” and was safer on that little word “come” than any man is in an ocean liner. Peter would have been foolish to have stepped on the water without this little word of Jesus, “Come,” beneath his feet. Faith cannot plant its feet in certainty …

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