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Information on how God transforms us from the inside out.

Changed By The Word Cover

CD Series

Changed By The Word

The Word of God changes the hearts of those who meditate on its teachings and are open to its instructions. It purifies us, comforts us, and strengthens us. It’s our … See More >

Making The Best Of A Bad Decision Cover

CD Series

Making The Best Of A Bad Decision

All of us have made decisions we’ve regretted. Some of our bad choices had few negative consequences; others have determined the direction of our lives. These messages give hope and … See More >

Putting Your Past Behind You Cover


Putting Your Past Behind You

Alcoholism. Child Abuse. Divorce. Gluttony. Abortion. Homosexuality. Sexual Addictions. Is there a place to begin again? No one can go back to the starting line in the race of life. … See More >

Back In Heaven Where He Belongs Cover

Single Sermon CD

Back In Heaven Where He Belongs

After Jesus rose again, He did not stay on the earth for long.  He left to His royal seat in heaven, having accomplished His task on earth.  His current activity … See More >

Between Heaven And Earth, Volume 2 Cover

CD Series

Between Heaven And Earth, Volume 2

The book of Ephesians uniquely captures both the glory of our position in Christ in the heavenlies, and the practicality of real life here on earth. Dr. Lutzer brings these … See More >