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Information on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


An Understanding Heart

Some of the purest joys you will ever experience are sorrows that God has transformed into joys.

One Minute After You Die Cover


One Minute After You Die

Someone you know is about to pass away. Will they enter delight? Or horror? Many people spend more time planning for a vacation than preparing for eternity. Perhaps it doesn … See More >

Ask Pastor Lutzer


After Jesus is resurrected in the book of Matthew, it’s recorded that some people who were dead were also resurrected …


Well Desmond, your guess is as good as mine. The Bible doesn’t tell us what happened to those people.

All …

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The Cost of Avoiding the Cross

The cross of Christianity is not an ornament. It’s a reality, and it should be a reminder of what God has done for us.


Jesus, Raised For Us

In the place of our death, which we should have died, God accepts the resurrection of Jesus.

Confronted By The Risen Christ Cover

CD Series

Confronted By The Risen Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a historical fact verified by a wealth of evidence, lies at the very core of what we believe. These messages, preached by Pastor Lutzer over … See More >

For Us Cover

CD Series

For Us

In this series of messages, Pastor Lutzer shows us what Jesus endured for us. From His betrayal by Judas to the injustice of His trial, from the agony of His … See More >


The Keeper Of The Keys

You can ignore the Keeper of the Keys while alive on Earth, but you can’t ignore Him when you die.

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