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Information on secularism and how it is influencing today’s culture, laws, and education, as well as its impact on the church.


Countering The Culture

Parents: Don’t cave in to the influences of a godless culture. Stand with your children against the culture.


God's Great Universe

Without modern science in our minds, a simple reading of Genesis would lead us to think of an actual day. 


The Future Is Here

It is much better to be divided by the truth than to be united by error.


Built For Life

Jesus’ teaching is still the solid rock against which every other life philosophy ultimately turns out to be sinking sand.


The Icon Of Tolerance

If all the religions of the world are true, then they are all false because they all contradict one another.


The Fingerprints Of God

Human science can’t say anything certain about our origins because no one except God observed it. 

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