Great Cities Of The Bible

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Ever since man built the first city, our urban areas have been plagued with problems. In studying the great cities of the Bible we are confronted with both God’s mercy and His judgment. We are also given a preview of God’s future dealings with the cities of the world.

Poster for Babylon: City Of Occult

Babylon: City Of Occult

Babylon was a city that was built in rebellion against the Almighty and contrary to what He had specified.

Poster for Jerusalem: Destined For Glory

Jerusalem: Destined For Glory

Jerusalem is going to be the focal point of where history is going to finally come to its inglorious as well as glorious end.

Poster for Athens: The Price Of Pluralism

Athens: The Price Of Pluralism

Christianity debunks the idea that it’s okay to believe whatever you want and that all of the religions of the world can be harmonized.