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Information on the economy in general or personal finances in particular.


What God Wants Us To Learn From This Recession

What God is Teaching Us During this Recession God is purposeful. He has reasons for allowing this recession to come to America. No doubt He has many purposes, but surely one of His primary goals is the spiritual growth of His people. If we miss what He wants to teach us, we will only become cynical and begin to doubt His love and care. The first lesson is the most obvious: He wants us to learn that He is with us not just during prosperity but also in times of adversity. When there was famine in the land and Isaac … Read More >


Preparing For The Day Of Calamity

Ignoring God, hoarding wealth, misusing workers, personal ease, eternal judgment. But the ultimate calamity? Not trusting Christ.


How Do We Trust God In A Collapsing Economy?

Can You Trust God in a Collapsing Economy? As I write this article the news media is flooded with stories about the possibility—or reality—of a recession. The rising price of energy has combined with the sub-prime loan crisis to create a domino effect that is reverberating through all the branches of the economy. Like pulling a thread from a sock, when one part of the economy unravels, all other parts suffer, too. Like it or not, we are all affected. You either are going through your own economic slump or you know someone who is. So, how do you trust … Read More >

Crowning Christ Lord Cover

CD Series

Crowning Christ Lord

Christ may indeed be Lord, but for many of us, we still desire to be our own king. This series explores four practical areas of our lives that can be … See More >

Ask Pastor Lutzer


Our 29-year old daughter is now a Christian, but when she was 18, she rebelled and left home.

She now …


Andrew, I want you to know that you should be under no great obligation or guilt because you’re taking some …

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Managing God's Gifts Cover

CD Series

Managing God's Gifts

Ever wonder why we have been left on planet Earth? One reason is so that we can manage God’s gifts. He has given us time, talents, and treasures for … See More >



The Old Testament institutes tithing as an obligatory act of worship by God’s people. Israelite tithes supported the landless tribe of Levi and the priesthood of God (Numbers 18:25-32, Nehemiah 10:38). They also served the giver’s family and the nation’s disadvantaged (Deuteronomy 14:22-29).  This command of God was often abused or ignored (Malachi 3:8-10). As in the case with all visible acts of worship, self-righteousness cropped up among the Israelites who actually did tithe (Luke 18:12). Through the fulfilling work of the Messiah, New Testament believers are no longer obligated to perform the particulars … Read More >

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