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The Moody Church’s theological position on demon possession.

The Flurry Of Wings Cover


The Flurry Of Wings

Angels are receiving focused attention in our culture. We must remember that there are two different kinds of angels: those who serve the Lord Jesus Christ and those who serve … See More >


Can A Believer Ever Be Demon Possessed?

Many evangelicals—perhaps most—believe that a Christian cannot be demon possessed for the simple reason that all believers are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, thus the idea that a demon could occupy the same space as the blessed Holy Spirit is unthinkable. However, we might be better served to consider it more carefully. First, we must consider that the Scriptures never speak of a demon “possessing” anything. While many translations provide such language in numerous texts (e.g. Matthew 8:28), the original text does not convey any idea of possession or ownership. In reference to the human body, demons are squatters and … Read More >

The New Age Movement Cover

CD Series

The New Age Movement

Looking for the dawning of an age of peace and harmony, followers of the New Age Movement have become awakened to a spiritual mix of reincarnation, astrology, transcendental meditation, visualization, … See More >


The Devil We Abhor

Satan is on his way to final judgment, and his end in hell is assured.

Ask Pastor Lutzer


Do you believe demon possession exists today, and if so, do you believe demons can be driven out?


Well Elaine, my answer to you is yes and yes. I believe that demon possession exists today.

In fact, I …

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Do Demons Exist And What Are They Like?

Within in the church, and throughout broader society, a great deal of mysticism and superstition surrounds the reality, ability, and work of demons. Because of this haze of opinions, we must root our understanding in Scripture.  The Demonic Narrative Satan is the origin of evil, the father of lies (John 8:44).  Satan and his angels apparently still have access to heaven because during the tribulation period, there will be a war in heaven and they will be cast out unto the earth (Revelation 12:7-9).  Though crushed by the work of Christ two thousand years ago, their final end, eternal punishment, … Read More >

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