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The Moody Church’s position on why we set aside Sunday as the day of rest, and not the traditional Sabbath day of the Old Testament.

Ask Pastor Lutzer


Why does mainstream Christianity keep Sunday holy, even though the seventh day (Saturday) was the only day called “holy” and …


Good question Brandon, and I have a lot of friends who believe that we should keep Saturday holy rather than …

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Sunday Or Sabbath?

Why do we observe Sunday, not the Sabbath? We recognize that the Decalogue represents God’s moral law, which is omni-temporal, that is, it is applicable for not just the Old Testament era but also for the New. That being said, we believe that there is an important distinction that must be made regarding the Sabbath day. In the New Testament, we discover that the Old Testament teaching about observing days is no longer applicable. No day of the week is more special than another according to passages such as Colossians 2:17 which expresses our freedom from such particular observances. Also, … Read More >