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Information specific to Protestant Reformer Martin Luther.

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European Reformation: From Here The World Changed Forever

The picture above is of the Wittenberg door, where Luther nailed his 95 Theses. As you might guess, the door is not original, for the wooden door used during Luther’s time was burned in a fire during the Thirty Years War. Replacing it is a metal door, with the 95 Theses ingrained in Latin. Above it is Luther kneeling with an open Bible before the crucified Christ, and Melanchthon kneels with a copy of the Augsburg Confession. Luther had come to Wittenberg as a professor, deeply troubled, and overcome with guilt and a sense of alienation from God. He had … Read More >

Reformation And Revival Cover

CD Series

Reformation And Revival

Learn the exciting details of the Reformation that were shaped by the great doctrinal teachings of the Bible. This series also contains messages on America’s three Great Awakenings and … See More >


Still Not Ashamed

The book of Romans continues, even to this day, to shape history.

Blog Post

European Reformation: Luther And The Struggle For Salvation

When Martin Luther entered the Augustinian monastery, he had one goal—and that was the salvation of his soul. The picture above shows the altar where he performed his first mass, and in front of it is a gravestone upon which he knelt to say his vows of obedience and chastity. Also, I’ve included a picture of the last monastic cell in which he stayed in Erfurt, Germany. Luther was terror stricken at the thought of Christ as Judge. He sought to lay hold of every means of grace that was available to him. He knew he could never get to … Read More >

Sermon Series

The Reformation: Then And Now

Why should we be interested in the sixteenth century reformation? Most evangelicals think we have no need to rehash the issues that divided the church centuries ago. These eight messages argue the opposite: the basic theological clarifications that divided the church back then are still relevant today. Join us and …


You Own a Certificate of Acquittal

If you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior, you have been declared by God to be as righteous as Jesus and you will be welcomed into heaven.

Reformation And Revival Cover


Reformation And Revival

Learn the exciting details of the Reformation that were shaped by the great doctrinal teachings of the Bible, followed by highlights of the three Great Awakenings in the United States … See More >

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