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Information about what to expect after death, how to face death, and how our deaths can glorify God.


A Glimpse Behind The Curtain

Those who don’t want to believe the Word of God seek comfort in the devices of Satan. Reincarnation and channeling are just two of them.


The Ascent Into Glory

Death is the doorway by which God invites us to something far better than anything in this life: personal fellowship with Him in heaven.


Questions And Answers

Pastor Lutzer, appearing on Open Line, takes questions from listeners on the topic of One Minute After You Die.


God's Glory In Our Death

All the demons of hell and wicked men cannot end our lives if God thinks there’s still work for us to do.

Sermon Series

One Minute After You Die

These messages will answer intriguing questions about your final destination, such as: How shall we interpret near death experiences? What will heaven be like? Do our friends in heaven know how we are doing on Earth? What will be different when we get to heaven? What stays the same? To …


The Descent Into Gloom

Your eternal destiny is determined and irrevocably set in this life. So where will you be one minute after you die?


Dying With Christ

The timing and means of our death is ultimately in the hands of God.  


An Understanding Heart

Some of the purest joys you will ever experience are sorrows that God has transformed into joys.

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