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I Led The Air Raid On Pearl Harbor

By Mitsuo Fuchida

The Christian Testimony of the Japanese Commander who led the Air Armada of 360 planes that bombed our Fleet at anchor in Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

I am Mitsuo Fuchida. As chief commander of the whole air squadron, I participated in the air-raid on Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1941 (Japan time), which actually opened up the Pacific war.

On that very morning, seating myself in the first plane, I led the whole squadron of 360 planes into Pearl Harbor, and having ascertained that the main force of the American Pacific Fleet, comprised of eight warships, was at anchor …

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Communism’s Blueprint For Conquest

By Fred E. Schwartz, M.D. Sydney, Australia

Message delivered in The Moody Church Prayer Meeting on October 11, 1950

In 1848, Karl Marx and Frederick Engles, the founders of Communism, published the Communist Manifesto, the opening words of which were: “There is a spectre haunting Europe”—the spectre of Communism.

Today that would be a gross understatement. The spectre not only haunts Europe: it has almost conquered and destroyed Europe as it was known. It is meanacing, in a most real sense, the entire world. It has conquered the greater part of Europe and Asia, so that the Communist government of Russia enjoys supremacy over countless millions of …

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