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Information on how to face hardships in our lives and how to glorify God in the process.


Finding God In A Tight Place

If you don’t submit to God during hardships, that trial might be wasted. Not everyone passes a trial successfully.

Cries From The Cross Cover

CD Series

Cries From The Cross

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” The obvious answer to this question is no, since the crucifixion took place centuries ago. However, Pastor Lutzer argues that we indeed … See More >

Sermon Series

Famines, Deserts And Other Hard Places

What if God takes us down roads we’ve never traveled before? What if—as the result of our personal and national mismanagement of resources—we were to experience a devastating financial crisis that would cripple our economy and greatly disrupt our way of life? These messages are intended to help prepare us …


The Resurgence Of Islam

The Response of the Church Early this year (2007) I attended a conference in New York on the topic of Islam that included speakers from Africa, Europe, and Australia. The task before us was ominous: what should we do about radical Islam and its intention to destroy the church? Speakers from Africa gave statistics and described the burning of churches, the killing of families, and seizing of property. Representatives from Europe reported on intimidation and threats, and yes, killings too. Europe clearly remembers the “cartoon crisis” when innocent people were killed in the violence. Because the percentage of Muslims in … Read More >


Empty Stomachs, Empty Cupboards…

Despite famine and heartbreak, we see God moving forward with His plan of redemption in the lives of Naomi and Ruth… all the way to Jesus.

Keep Your Dream Alive Cover


Keep Your Dream Alive

Whether shattered or fulfilled, whether small or large, whether past or present, dreams invite you to live life to its fullest. But what is God’s perspective?No story can … See More >

Highlights From Hebrews Cover

CD Series

Highlights From Hebrews

Capture the awe of being brought into the very throne room of God! As the book of Hebrews teaches, we have access to do just that through faith in Jesus … See More >

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