Famines, Deserts And Other Hard Places

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Trusting God in the Day of Calamity

What if God takes us down roads we’ve never traveled before? What if—as the result of our personal and national mismanagement of resources—we were to experience a devastating financial crisis that would cripple our economy and greatly disrupt our way of life?

These messages are intended to help prepare us for such a day. Even if we never experience a national meltdown, every day we come face to face with tragedy on a personal level.

In the tradition of Jeremiah who predicted judgment, these messages are a warning, but they also are intended to comfort. Above all, they assure us that God will walk with us through the misfortune of famines and deserts to bring us safely to the other side.

Pastor Lutzer's Prayer to Renounce Fear

Poster for Empty Stomachs, Empty Cupboards...

Empty Stomachs, Empty Cupboards...

Despite famine and heartbreak, we see God moving forward with His plan of redemption in the lives of Naomi and Ruth… all the way to Jesus.

Poster for The Desert, The Devil And You

The Desert, The Devil And You

When the devil comes to remind you of your past, you can use the Word of God and the work of Jesus to remind him of his future.

Poster for Preparing For The Day Of Calamity

Preparing For The Day Of Calamity

Ignoring God, hoarding wealth, misusing workers, personal ease, eternal judgment. But the ultimate calamity? Not trusting Christ.

Poster for Faith At The Breaking Point

Faith At The Breaking Point

The Tribulation. Satan’s wrath unleashed. How would we endure it? Many won’t bow to him; they’ll cling to Christ—and be martyred for it.