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Information on legalism in Christianity.


The High Cost Of Legalism

Don’t let anyone rob you of your liberty in Christ—your freedom to become all that God wants you to be.

Ask Pastor Lutzer


My church has been placing a lot of emphasis on being baptized in Jesus’ name.

I was baptized over 20 …


Angela, I appreciate your concern. And we should beware of those who want to baptize people in the name of …

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What Does It Mean To Be A "Legalistic" Christian?

“Legalism” is the wrong use of laws or rules. For example there is a form of legalism that uses rules or commandments as a way of salvation. Such laws in and of themselves might be good and proper, but they cannot save a soul. Thus, Paul warns against the view that salvation can come about by keeping the law, as the Judaizers erroneously taught. Among Christians there is also a kind of legalism that teaches that, although we are saved through faith in Christ, sanctification is a matter of submitting to certain rules or standards. Thus, one’s Christian progress is … Read More >


The Logic Of Law

Our attitude toward the Old Testament law determines are attitude toward authority in general.

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Who Can We Call a Saint?

If you are a member of the Catholic Church you are welcome among us. About 20% of all of our members were raised in the Catholic Church.  However, the canonization of two popes this past week does give me an opportunity to point out one of several major differences between us and Roman Catholicism. The Bible clearly and repeatedly teaches that all believers in Christ are “saints” (1 Corinthians 1:2; Ephesians 1:1; Philippians 1:1 etc). But in the early centuries when the idea arose that salvation was not a free gift given to those who believe the Gospel, but rather … Read More >