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Christian Freedom

Born Free!

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | November 6, 1977

Selected highlights from this sermon

Abraham’s family was full of conflicts and contrasts. Ishmael represents the old nature while Isaac is the new nature. Likewise, Hagar was the law and Sarah represented grace.

Pastor Wiersbe examines these two natures and how Christians, in our new nature given to us by accepting Christ as our Savior, should be living under grace, not the law.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Abraham’s family was full of conflicts and contrasts.

Two basic conflicts every Christian has in their life:

-       The conflict between the flesh and the new spirit.

  • Ishmael and Isaac represent the old nature (Ishmael) and the new nature (Isaac).
  • There is a contrast in the birth, behavior, and blessing of Ishmael and Isaac.
  • God rejects our first birth.
  • If you’ve only been born once you will die eternally as a sinner.
  • Ishmael didn’t show how mean he was until Isaac came along.
  • Isaac was always submissive, and the new nature always obeys the Father.
  • Abraham stands for faith, and Sarah stands for grace.
  • Isaac was born by grace through faith, the same way we are born again.
  • Ishmael was born by works of the flesh.
  • Ishmael was given material blessing, but Isaac was the spiritual heir.
  • Our old nature will not give us any inheritance.
  • If we have accepted the new nature, God considers our old nature cast out.

-       The conflict between the law and grace.

  • Hagar and Sarah represent the law (Hagar) and grace (Sarah).
  • Hagar was Abraham’s second wife. 
  • God never meant for us to be married to the law.
  • God delivered the nation of Israel from Egypt by grace.
  • When we got saved, we were married to grace, not the law.
  • The law reveals sin.
  • Hagar gave birth to a slave and was cast out.
  • The strength of sin is the law.

If we are born by grace through faith we should also live by grace through faith.

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