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Sermon Series

Christian Freedom

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

The book of Galatians is about the freedom believers have in Christ. Pastor Wiersbe reminds us that we are saved by grace alone. The Christian life must be lived the same way it started—by grace. Lay hold of the freedom Christ has given us!


Sermon 01

A Man Set Free

September 11, 1977

Live free by the grace of God.

Sermon 03


September 25, 1977

The Christian life is lived the same way it started—by grace alone.

Sermon 04

The Logic Of Law

October 9, 1977

Our attitude toward the Old Testament law determines are attitude toward authority in general.

Sermon 05

Grow Up And Be Free

October 23, 1977

Grow up spiritually and you can enjoy freedom in Christ.

Sermon 06

Born Free!

November 6, 1977

If we are born by grace through faith we should also live by grace through faith.

Sermon 07

The High Cost Of Legalism

November 13, 1977

Don’t let anyone rob you of your liberty in Christ—your freedom to become all that God wants you to be.

Sermon 08

The Liberty Of Love

November 20, 1977

Love is a fulfillment of the law through the Holy Spirit.

Sermon 09

Free For All

November 27, 1977

The test of our spirituality is not how we treat our successful brother, but how we treat our brother who has stumbled and fallen.

Sermon 10

Branded But Not Bound

December 4, 1977

Any ministry that is not motivated by the glory of God doesn’t deserve support.

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