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Resources About Deity of Jesus Christ


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Information specific to proving the deity of Jesus Christ.

Sermon Series

Seven Convincing Miracles

We live in a climate of spirituality; we are inundated with suggestions on how to connect with our “spiritual self.” In these messages, Dr. Lutzer explains the seven miracles of John’s Gospel and shows how they demonstrate the credentials of Christ.


The Most Important Question In Life

He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Peter answereth and saith unto Him, Thou art the Christ.”—Mark 8:29 I would like you to observe first in the latter part of Mark 8 that here at the conclusion of the chapter we have a most unfortunate King James’ version chapter division. The Revised Version helps a bit by putting these divisions in paragraphs. The first verse of chapter 9 is really part of chapter 8, and indeed is the climax to it all: “He said unto them, Verily, I say unto you, That … Read More >

Christ Among Other gods Cover


Christ Among Other gods

You’ve heard it said, “All religions are equal.” But do you know how to respond? Tolerance sees all religions as spokes of one wheel, spinning everyone together in … See More >

Slandering Jesus  Cover


Slandering Jesus

Do you know a lie when you hear one? If it brings the divinity of Jesus into question, it would be obvious to you but maybe not to the person … See More >

Confronted By The Risen Christ Cover

CD Series

Confronted By The Risen Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a historical fact verified by a wealth of evidence, lies at the very core of what we believe. These messages, preached by Pastor Lutzer over … See More >

Sermon Series

Christ Among Other gods

Jesus Christ, compared to other “gods” of other religions or enlightenment movements, is profoundly different. He’s not just one of the options for worship, but He’s the only credible choice. This series affirms the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and explains why He is the only qualified Savior. These messages will …

Ask Pastor Lutzer


I have a question about your book, Slandering Jesus.

The subtitle says, “Six lies people tell about the man who …


Well let me say this to you, Rehan, it’s true that Jesus didn’t make the exact statement, “Worship me.” …

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Seven Convincing Miracles Cover


Seven Convincing Miracles

Exploring the seven miracles recorded in the book of John, pastor and author Erwin Lutzer describes the wonders that characterized Jesus’ life on earth. Each chapter offers special teaching on … See More >

Jesus In The No-Spin Zone Cover

CD Series

Jesus In The No-Spin Zone

Who was Jesus? In this brief series of messages Pastor Lutzer helps us understand incidents in the life of Jesus that are either overlooked or misunderstood. The cleansing of the … See More >

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