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Sermon Series

Christ Among Other gods

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer

Jesus Christ, compared to other “gods” of other religions or enlightenment movements, is profoundly different. He’s not just one of the options for worship, but He’s the only credible choice. This series affirms the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and explains why He is the only qualified Savior.

These messages will help you to witness to your friends, and will fortify this generation that is confronted with different religions and attacks against the Christian faith. Never again will you be at a loss to answer the question, “Why Jesus?”


Sermon 01

The Icon Of Tolerance

September 19, 1993

If all the religions of the world are true, then they are all false because they all contradict one another.

Sermon 02

An Extraordinary Birth

September 26, 1993

What a tragedy to know about Jesus Christ and not know Him for the purpose for which He came.

Sermon 03

An Extraordinary Life

October 3, 1993

No matter how much you research the “historical” Jesus—trying to make Him a mere man—you still end up staring at a miraculous Christ.

Sermon 04

An Extraordinary Authority

October 10, 1993

If God hasn’t spoken, we must be silent about morality and religion because we have no fixed point by which to judge morality and religion.

Sermon 08

An Extraordinary Return

November 7, 1993

In the end, we’ll either worship the beast or we’ll worship Christ.

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