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Resources About Spiritual Gifts

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Information about spiritual gifts.


Unwrapping The Gifts

In order to open and understand our spiritual gifts, we must first identify and classify them.


Unwrapping Your Gift

Spiritual gifts originate from the purpose and plans of our sovereign God.


You And Your Gift

The church cannot be healthy unless everyone comes together, identifies their gifts, and joyfully serves.


The Primacy Of Preaching

Speaking in tongues is last on the list of spiritual gifts. Gifts involved with speaking the Word are first.

Sermon Series

Concerning Spiritual Gifts

When talking about spiritual gifts, it’s common to get caught up in controversial issues. Pastor Wiersbe reminds believers that we each have a gift, and those gifts are to be used for God’s glory and the good of others. Follow along as we dive into the meaning of each spiritual …


He Owns Our Tongues

Your mouth will never be pure until you lay down the bitterness in your heart.

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