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Materials on the End Times prophecies.


Fundamental Or Instrumental?

Where the ordinary man speaks of “the end of the world,” the Bible knows no such phrase. There never will be an end of the world as far as the Scriptures are concerned. God divides time up into ages, periods where He is testing men out under a certain kind of revealed truth. We are not tested today by what Moses said to the Jews, but we are tested by what Christ Jesus has spoken. The Holy Ghost in our age is convincing the world of sin “Because they believe not on Him.” We are judged, in this our day, … Read More >

Sermon Series

The King Is Coming

The return of Christ is the hope of every Christian. Indeed, the New Testament teaches that we should live our entire lives with the return of Christ in mind. “Beloved we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when He …


The King Tolerates His Rival

Antichrist will control the world religiously, politically, economically. Behind him will be a cultural stream no one can stand against.

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