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Wanted: A Venture of Faith

By Eric Crichton

In the February issue of Moody Monthly there appeared an article entitled “The State of the Church,” written by A.W. Tozer, Billy Graham, J.O. Percy, David Otis Fuller and one or two others. The comments of these men in regard to this subject were very significant, especially Dr. Graham’s, where he asks, “Can the church recapture the faith, courage, enthusiasm, joy, love, unity, discipline, and cross-bearing that so characterized the early followers of Christ? Many doubt it—many think we have gone too far and that our minds are becoming darkened, our conscience hardened and our will paralyzed.”

In Mark 9:14-29 …

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Christ And The Crowd

By Dr. Vance Havner

Sermon preached by Dr. Vance Havner at The Moody Church on Sunday August 14, 1960.

This is the age of the crowd. There are more of us than there has been before, and we are more crowd-conscious—everything is geared to the multitude. In the religious world the most successful preacher is the one who packs the church, and the most successful church is the one with the biggest statistics. While we are counting numbers, we have failed to make numbers count. We’re many but we’re not much, and that would apply to church members pretty generally today.

Of course, the …

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