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1939-11 Blessed Man.jpg

The Blessed Man

By Dr. Harry A. Ironside

In the fourth chapter of the epistle to the Romans when the apostle Paul is establishing the great doctrine of justification by faith alone, he cites two Old Testament Scriptures as proof that in all dispensations every one who was ever saved was saved by grace through faith, altogether apart form human merit. In the third chapter, verse 21, we read, “But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed—or borne testimony to—by the law and the prophets.” Those terms, “The law and the prophets” refer, not to individuals so much, but to the two divisions …

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1939-07 Hiding From God.jpg

Hiding From God

By Rev. Ralph E. Stewart

Over in India a woman stretches high, the full length of her body, and then falls flat on her face in the sand. Marking a little place with her fingertips she again rises to her full height, walks to the place marked in the sand, stretches high in the air, and falls flat on her face. This she continues to do, working, crawling, agonizing her way along hundreds of miles over the hot land. The sun rises, sets, rises again, goes to its zenith, and sets. Day after day she continues this torturous journey until she has covered some twelve …

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