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Sermon Series

Be Rich

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

The Book of Ephesians is full of truths about salvation, grace, and the Christian life. Believers have been given many blessings, and in Him we have all that we need. After describing our blessings in Christ, Pastor Wiersbe explains what these truths mean for our life.


Sermon 01

Saints Alive

September 7, 1975

Saints are living people set apart because God has found them.

Sermon 02

You Were Born Rich

September 14, 1975

If you are in Christ Jesus, you are rich.

Sermon 04

Get Out Of Jail Free

September 28, 1975

Jesus became a prisoner that we might have redemption, a sinner that we might have forgiveness, and poor that we might be rich in Him.

Sermon 09

The Way Faith Works

November 30, 1975

Living in God’s grace is so much better than living in the graveyard.

Sermon 11

The Greatness Of The Church

December 14, 1975

Believers are being built together for a habitation of God by the Holy Spirit.

Sermon 12

I Know A Secret

January 25, 1976

God is gathering people together, not tearing them apart. Is that the work you’re doing?

Sermon 14

All Together Now?

February 8, 1976

When believers walk in unity, purity, harmony, and victory, the rest of the world can believe that God is who He says He is.

Sermon 15

Measuring A Miracle

February 15, 1976

If we don’t measure the church, we don’t know where we are or where God wants us to be.

Sermon 17

Christians Are Different

February 29, 1976

We are fighting against sin, but we should not be fighting against each other.

Sermon 18

Imitators Wanted

March 7, 1976

Imitate God, not each other, by walking in light and love.

Sermon 20

Meet The Holy Spirit

March 21, 1976

To be filled with the Holy Spirit means to let Him take control of our lives.

Sermon 23

Do Children Have Rights?

April 25, 1976

If we don’t win our own families to the Lord, we won’t do a very good job of winning outsiders.

Sermon 26

You Can't Fight Alone

May 16, 1976

It’s a sign of strength when you know you need the prayers of other people.

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