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What In The World Is God Doing?

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | October 12, 1975

Selected highlights from this sermon

God didn’t just create the universe and leave; He is still at work in the world. In Ephesians 1, the apostle Paul answers four questions we may all have: What is God doing? Why is He doing it? How is He doing it? And for whom is He doing it?

Knowing the answers to these questions can make our lives more meaningful and allow us to be part of God’s story.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.


God is at workin this world.

Paul answers four basic questions: What is God doing? Why is He doing it? How is He doing it? And for whom is He doing it?

Knowing the answers to these questions make our lives more meaningful.

-      What is God doing?

  • A mysteryis something known only by God, hidden by God, and revealed at the right time.
  • God is gathering people to Himself.
  • There are two forces at work in this world: scattering (Satan, sin, flesh, and unbelief) and gathering (Jesus, grace, salvation, belief).
  • The Holy Spirit provides a sense of unityamong believers.
  • In Ephesians there is reconciliation between men and God, Jews and Gentiles, old and new covenants, among the church, husband and wives, parents and children, and employees and employers. 
  • Are you on the gathering side or the scattering side?

-      How is He doing it?

  • God is gathering through dispensation—management and stewardship.
  • God leads different economies or ways of life throughout history.
  • God’s purposesare the same, but His management changes.
  • Right now, we are living in the era of the church.
  • What a shame it would be to spend your whole life on Earth and not be doing what God is doing.

-      For whom is He doing it?

  • God is working in our world for the people that share in His inheritance.
  • Jesus is the administrator of God’s economy.
  • Our Savior is running the world. He is in charge of the ages.
  • Unbelievers are outside God’s work.
  • We have an inheritance because we are part of what God is doing.

-      Why is He doing it?

  • God is gathering people to Himself to the praise of the gloryof Hisgrace.
  • Predestinationmeans God has a predetermined program for His people.
  • God saved us that we might glorify Him for all eternity.
  • God uses the church to show how gracious He is.

Are you part of what God is doing?

We know the beginning, middle, and end of God’s story. Where are you in His story?

One day all things will be gathered together under Christ.

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