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What To Wear To The War

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | May 9, 1975

Selected highlights from this sermon

The Christian life is a battleground, not a playground, and our fight is against Satan himself. Satan is real; he’s deceptive, strong, and out to destroy us—and the church. In Ephesians 6, Paul shows us that God has given us all the equipment and energy we need to win the battle.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.


The Christian life is a battleground, not a playground.

In Ephesians 6 Paul is telling us how to have victoryover Satan.

Satanis a real person out to destroyyou and the church.

Three essentials we must grasp to be part of the victory over Satan.

-      We must know the enemy.

  • Three enemies all Christians face: the world, our flesh, and the devil.
  • Satan does not want us to know he exists or exactly who he is.
  • Satan is a real person with an army of demoniccreatures.
  • Satan uses people to get his work done in the world.
  • Satan is organized, strong, and subtle.
  • Satan is a destroyer and a deceiver.
  • Satan has some Christians so deceived they think they are doing the will of God.

-      We must use the equipment.

  • The armoris the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We are called to put on the whole armor of God.
  • When we lay aside a piece of our armor, Satan can get to us.
  • The beltof truthrepresents the Word of God guiding our lives.
  • The breastplateof righteousnessis the righteousness we receive from Jesus when we were saved.
  • The shoesrepresent the peaceGod places in our hearts, giving us stability and mobility.
  • We stand so that we can move and witnessfor Christ.
  • The shieldof faithrepresents God’s protectionfrom Satan’s schemes.
  • The helmetof salvationrepresents yieldingour minds to the Lord.
  • The swordof the Spirit represents the Word of God.
  • We must get to know our weapon, the Bible.
  • God has given us all the equipment we need.

-      We must depend on the energyGod gives us.

  • Prayeris the energy for the Christian soldier to accomplish his work.
  • We are told to pray all types of prayer always.
  • We should pray for all the saint because we are all fighting the battle against the devil.

There can be no victory against Satan without a battle.

Whose side are you on?

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