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The Greatness Of The Church

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | December 14, 1975

Selected highlights from this sermon

God is seeking a habitationwith men.

Jesus took on a human body that He might come to Earth to die, be raised from the dead, and build His church.

Believers are being builttogetherfor a habitation of God by the Holy Spirit. 

God dwellsin eternity, but He has chosen to make a habitation with us.

Five reasons for the greatnessof God’s temple, the church:

-      A building is great because of its designer. 

  • God was the architect who designed the church in His wisdom and greatness.

-      A building is great because of its design.

  • The design of the church is based on grace.
  • The greatness of the design depends on the foundation.
  • Jesus Christ is the foundation and cornerstoneof the church that is then built upon by the disciples and apostles.
  • The foundation determines the size, strength, shape.
  • God’s church is large enough for any sinner, without barrier, and it will last for eternity. 

-      A building is great because of its builder.

  • Jesus Christ is the builder of His church.
  • Are you building others up or tearing them down?

-      A building is great because of its cost.

  • By modern prices [late 1970s], it cost about five million dollars to build the tabernacle, and the gold for the temple alone was worth eight billion dollars.
  • Jesus is building a church that was purchased with His own precious blood.
  • The church cost God His Son, cost Jesus His life, and cost the Holy Spirit the joys of heaven. 
  • Be careful what you say about or do to the church.
  • God will destroy those who seek to destroy His temple.
  • The greatest thing we can do is give our lives for God’s temple.
  • We can share in the building of His temple through giving, going, teaching, and ministering. 

-      A building is great because of its occupant.

  • The church is great because it is inhabited by God through the Spirit.
  • God wants to dwell with His people.
  • Our bodiesare the temple of God, making up the universal church.
  • God wants His name to be glorifiedin the church.

Are you a part of God’s church?

Is there room in your heart for Jesus?


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