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Sermon Series

Romans 8

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

Romans 8 is a declaration of spiritual freedom—a freedom which comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. In Christ, we have victory over sin, purpose in suffering, hope for the future, and eternal security. May we all rejoice in this freedom from condemnation!


Sermon 01

Let Freedom Reign!

May 30, 1976

Enjoy these spiritual freedoms for God’s glory.

Sermon 02

Outlaws And Inlaws

June 6, 1976

The fact that you are not condemned does not depend on your walk, it depends on your standing.

Sermon 03

A Matter Of Life And Death

June 13, 1976

The Holy Spirit, who lives within a believer, can make us adequate for whatever comes our way.

Sermon 04

Are You Walking Or Riding?

June 20, 1976

Every day, we must present four gifts to the Holy Spirit: our mind, body, will, and heart.

Sermon 05

Glorious Groans

June 27, 1976

We groan because we wait in eager anticipation for Jesus’ return in glory.

Sermon 06

History Is His Story

July 4, 1976

God is working completely, constantly, and coherently in all areas of our lives.

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