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Romans 8

A Matter Of Life And Death

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | June 13, 1976

Selected highlights from this sermon

We often encounter trials in life—whether big or small. And we often blame those trials on other people or the circumstance we find ourselves in. But the real problem comes from sinful nature within us.

In Romans 8:5–7, Paul explains how we can have victory over the flesh. In short, in order to have victory over our sinful nature, we must have a right relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

In this passage Paul is talking about three levels of life.

What life does to us depends on what life finds in us.

Everyone has had the painful experience of defeat.

Our real problem comes from the nature within us, not the people or circumstances around us.

Our physical body is neutral, but our flesh is sinful.

Romans 8 is saying that the Holy Spirit, who lives within, can make us adequate for whatever comes to us.

The secret of victory over the flesh is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a person with whom we must have a right relationship.

Three possible relationships with the Holy Spirt:

  • The lowest relationship is you don’t have the Spirit (Romans 8:5-8).
    • If you don’t have the Holy Spirit, you are living in the realm of the flesh.
    • If you’re living in the flesh, you’re carnally minded.
    • Nonbelievers are physically alive but spiritually dead.
    • Physical life only lasts so long, but spiritual life lasts forever.
    • When you don’t have the Spirit, you are at war with God.
    • Our entire world is built around glorifying the flesh.
    • The world cannot please God.
  • The second relationship is you have the Spirit (Romans 8:9-11).
    • The Holy Spirit is the mark of a true believer.
    • When the Holy Spirit lives inside you He moves you into a whole new sphere of living.
    • The Holy Spirit gives us life.
    • Nonbelievers have no help in carrying the burdens of life.
    • We move into this second relationship by trusting in Jesus.
  • The third and highest relationship is the Spirit has you (Romans 8:12-17).
    • The Holy Spirit works in us for the glory of God.
    • In the Spirit we put to death the deeds of the flesh. He gives us the power to say no to the flesh.
    • The Holy Spirit provides the spirit of life, death of the flesh, adoption as adult sons, and freedom from fear.
    • We move into this third relationship by submitting to the Spirit.
    • The keys to a relationship with the Holy Spirit are honesty and yielding.

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