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Sermon Series

Make Your Life A Miracle

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

Pastor Wiersbe examines the apostles’ lives to help us understand being part of God’s miracle working. Salvation is only the first of many miracles God wants to perform in our lives. When Jesus enters, He changes everything.


Sermon 02

Miracles Begin At Home

October 17, 1976

When we surrender to God, He can work miracles in our lives.

Sermon 04

The Miracle Of The Money

November 7, 1976

We know God will meet all our needs because He has already met the greatest need: salvation.

Sermon 05

Walking Through The Storm

November 14, 1976

God has a purpose behind every trial that prepares us for His future plans.

Sermon 09

Wake Up To A Miracle!

December 26, 1976

We need God to change our faith, not our circumstances.

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