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Sermon Series

This Way To Happiness

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

The Beatitudes are the attitudes that should be in every believer’s life. Pastor Wiersbe examines these characteristics found in Matthew 5 through 7 and teaches us how to apply them to our lives.  


Sermon 03

Live Like A King

June 15, 1975

Let God cultivate a spirit of submission within you.

Sermon 04

Transforming Our Tears

June 22, 1975

Turning sorrow over to the Lord allows you to experience the comfort of God.

Sermon 05

Meekness Is Not Weakness

June 29, 1975

Practicing meekness means surrendering to God and showing gentleness toward man.

Sermon 06

The Appetite That Counts

July 6, 1975

A spiritual hunger and thirst for righteousness leads to holiness as well as a joy and peace the world cannot understand.

Sermon 08

Have You Seen God?

August 10, 1975

The most important part of our life is the part that only God can see. Take time to cultivate it.

Sermon 09

Wanted: Peacemakers

August 17, 1975

The only way we can know peace is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Sermon 10

When You Aren’t Wanted

August 24, 1975

Persecution is a test and a testimony of our faith in the Lord Jesus, and we should use it to bring glory to God.

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