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Meekness Is Not Weakness

Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe | June 29, 1975

Selected highlights from this sermon

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5). Meekness is not weakness; it is power under control. Pastor Wiersbe describes what it looks like to live meekly and what the blessing of inheriting the Earth means.

Transcripts for Dr. Wiersbe's sermons are forthcoming. Below is an outline of his message.

Four aspects of meekness:

  • Meaning of meekness
    • Meekness is power under control.
    • Meekness is not being a coward or complacent.
    • We have intellectual, emotional, and spiritual power that can be used for the purposes of God.
    • The most important kingdom for us to conquer is our inner man.
    • Our greatest victories in life are won in our hearts, not with a sword.
    • Jesus is the greatest example of meekness.
    • Practicing meekness means surrendering to God and showing gentleness toward man.
  • Living in meekness
    • If we can control our own attitude, other things will fall into place.
    • What is your attitude toward God’s providence, His Word, others’ sins, and the unsaved?
    • We should gently and humbly seek to share the Gospel with others.
  • Cultivating meekness
    • Meekness is one of the fruits of the Spirit.
    • Meekness comes from submitting to the Holy Spirit and growing closer to the Lord through His Word.
    • We can’t have meekness without going through trouble because going through difficulty draws us closer to the heart of Jesus.
  • Blessing of meekness
    • The blessing of meekness is a spiritual blessing on the inside, not a material one.
    • Inheriting the Earth means that when you can control yourself everything belongs to you.
    • The biggest enemy we have is ourselves.
    • Meekness keeps us waiting on the Lord in peace.

Wait on the Lord and keep His way.

Pray for God to make you meeker so He can use you.

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